Who we are

Who we are

Since there are quite amount of vendors on the web selling Little Dot’s product, so people might be wondering what Little Dot US is. Little Dot US is the official distributor for North America region, and we will handle all of your problems regarding to Little Dot product, even if you did not purchase your product through us.

We will also be updating all the new products’ information under the blog section, and feel free to leave us comments and your thoughts. Little Dot has been a long living brand among the audiophiles around the world, and we hope we can provide you better product and service in the near future!

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  1. ViperGeek

    Thanks for improving your U.S. presence. I’ve been a big fan of Little Dot since 2015 and am delighted to see your new, improved website.

  2. Ian Wu

    The old website would actually be online soon, but we are just keeping that for the forum. We are in the debate that if we should migrate the whole forum to here. If there is any news, we will provide an update here. Thanks a lot for being a fan!

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