IEMs – An Easy Audiophile Starter

IEMs – An Easy Audiophile Starter

We’ve been quite busy here for the past one month. Setting up all the commercials and banners, and there are reviews coming for few of our products. Some of you might notice that you might even seen our ads running on Facebook and Instagram. Is marketing all we have been doing? Hell no! At Little Dot, innovation and improvement is everything to us.

The audiophile hobby has changed a bit in recent years. Little Dot started the company by making headphone amplifiers for over-ear Headphones. However, as the technology of DAP improves, more and more people begin their audiophile journey with a pair of IEMs. 

There are quite a bit of benefits to start this hobby with just IEMs, not only that it saves you a lot of time on pairing with the right equipments, and there is a very obvious reason – the cost is significantly lower compare with loud speakers and headphones.

Thanks to the technology, you can start the hobby with simply a cellphone with hi-res integrated portable amplifier and DAC dongle, and a pair of IEMs. This hobby becomes extremely simple with these two elements, because all you have to do is to pick the IEMs that you like, and just grab a dongle you’re good to go! This is exactly why Little Dot has decided to develop our brand new line of products – the CU IEMs!

If you are an experienced audiophile, you’ll understand that there is no such a thing as the perfect product! This is exactly the reason that we took a bold step and developed four kinds of IEMs at the same time. From the beginner’s option Rad, to our flagship KIS, Little Dot has put a lot of passion, time, and effort into the development. We really hope that you could support us with these IEMs, and let us know your opinion about these products. 

Now, the big question is that how do they sound? While Little Dot does not have any physical distributor outside of China yet at this moment (please let me know if you would like to work with us if you are the owner of an audio equipment store(s),) we are trying to think of a loan program so people could try out our IEMs. After all, no matter what those reviewers might say, you would like to try them out, don’t you! 

We are in the middle of the discussion to come out with the loan program, and we shall update the policy here shortly. If you have any opinion or suggestion, please feel free to let us know what you think by leaving the comment below, thank you!

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