Cu Cen


  • Best IEM from Little Dot for vocal music
  • Soft-frame encapsulation coaxial 8mm diaphragm and an armature
  • Silver plated 6N copper cable included
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Cen was inspired by a pair of IEM that’s focus on vocal, however, we believe Cen has over-performed it in every aspects. Little Dot has put in a lot of passion into developing Cen, and through Cen you can understand some of our understanding in vocal music, and we truly hope it can bring some light into your world!


Cen (ᚳ) is a letter of runic alphabet, present in the Anglo-Saxon Fuporc, and it associated with a torch in the Anglo-Saxon rune-poem. Cen lit up the darkness at Little Dot when we were in the chaotic phase. We hope it can bring something new into your everyday music!


The soft-frame encapsulation makes the diaphragm and armature as one coaxial unit. This is the best method to eliminate vibrations and diminishes the interference in our opinion. While the diaphragm provides the punch for bass, the armature would provide the sweet tonality and all the detail of the music. Meanwhile, the coaxial structure let both diaphragm and armature work perfectly together, and the music has never sound more precise!


Little Dot did not just focus on the new technology, we want to make sure all the other aspects of Cen would satisfy our customer. The anodic oxidation on the aviation grade aluminum housing surface, three air vent design, and opposite direction silver plating on the 6N OCC cooper are all very well thought out. While we focus on the vocal performance of Cen, we believe it will satisfy you in almost all type of music!

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Technology Spec:


Connector type: CIEM 0.78 2 pin

Drivers: soft-frame encapsulation coaxial 8mm diaphragm and armature

Distortion <0.2% @ 1000Hz

Impedance: 21+/- 3 ohm

Plug: 3.5mm balanced, 3.5mm mono, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced

Frequency range: 16-40kHz

Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3dB




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