• Flagship IEM, no compromise
  • 4 driver IEM, with two 10mm dynamic and two armature
  • Multilayer looping structure housing with special alloy cable
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The name KIS came from Little Dot’s principle, Keep Improving and Sincere. Little Dot has been in the headphone business for over sixteen years. When we decided to developed KIS, there was only one simple target, and it is to make the best possible IEM at the time. 18 months of product development, over 160 testers and 14 rounds of beta listening meetings, and total of 86 versions of different modification from the original beta. We gave out everything we had to make KIS to be the pride of our IEM product line.


KIS contains dual diamond dynamics and customized twin armatures units in the best aluminum housing. The ADLC (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm, customized hi frequency and ultra-high frequency composite armatures, and the through air vent are the key of KIS. These sophisticated technologies bring KIS an impeccable performance in all areas.


The housing’s multilayer looping structure solved the reverberation and also enhanced the resolving ability of KIS, and pairing with special alloy cable to ensure KIS’ performance is the best. Also, we provide different sets of sound tubes for KIS, we like our customer to enjoy the flexibility of KIS. Of course, all common plugs and different sets of ear-buds would be provided to the customers as well. KIS is the solution for those who do not compromise like Little Dot, and we truly hope our customers enjoy KIS like we do.

Technical Sepc:


Connector type: CIEM 0.78mm 2-pin

Driver Type: 10mm Dynamic *2 and armature tweeter *2

Distortion: <0.05% @ 1000Hz

Impedance: 18 +/- 2.7 ohm

Plugs: 2.5/3.5/4.4 balanced gold-plated plug, and 3.5 mono gold-plated plug.

Frequency range: 12-40kHz

Sensitivity: 105+/-3db


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