Cu Wyn


  • Low bass IEM
  • 5-layer 8mm dynamic, and an armature
  • Walnut housing, extreme comfort.

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Little Dot is giving the new definition for low bass IEMs, for those who enjoy pop, EDM, metal, rock n’ roll, and ACG, this is our gift for you!


Wyn represents Little Dot’s understanding in music, and we refuse to hind behind “classic.” That is the reason why we develop Wyn, in order to satisfy those EDM and pop lovers. Of course, while the development, we made sure Wyn would provide you an excellent listening experience overall, so you are not going to be unsatisfied with Wyn’s mid and high.


Wyn (ƿ) represents reward, it also means joy or bliss, and that is what we would like our customers to feel while you are using Wyn, we want to share our joy with you!


Wyn has a hybrid driver design. It has 2 drivers in total: one 5-layers dynamic driver, and one armature driver. The dynamic driver is dedicated to low and mid frequencies. For the housing, we choose walnut. Walnut provides the excellent listening experience and comfortable to wear. For the cable we choose the 6N OFC with double layered gold plated 3.5mm plug detachable cable. Wyn uses the 0.78mm 2 pin CIEM connectors, and we designed the protective pocket for the 2 pin connectors, in order to reduced possibility to break the pins.


Tech Spec:


Earpiece Design: In-ear

Driver Type: 5-layers 8mm dynamic, armature

Impedance: 16 +/- 2.4 ohm

Frequency: 20 Hz to 20kHz

Sensitivity: 109 +/- 3db

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