• Tubes: Telefunken EL152 x 2 and Western Electric WE408A x 2
  • Intelligent recognition impedance
  • Headphone amp and power amp
  • Mundorf capacitors

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The Little Dot LD III SE uses the NOS Telefunken EL152 antique tubes as power output tubes; for pre-amplification, it uses the Western Electric WE408A . These tubes are now legendary “artifact”, and we only have 150 sets of new NOS inventory, so the machine is a true “limited edition.”

The machine uses a specially designed Z11 core output transformer, coupling capacitor uses Mundorf silver oil capacitors, and resistors are Kiwame for AUDIO-specific resistors. Teflon silver wire is used within the machine, and the German silver solder. Headphone output section, using our developed “intelligent recognition impedance” proprietary technology that can automatically detect impedance headphones, and switch to the appropriate interface.

Telefunken EL152 output power (larger than the famous 300B); sound excellent, with so much musical detail. Such tubes are antique collection!


The main technical indicators:

the input terminals:

RCA x2

the output terminal :

1,6.35 x1 (headphone output)

2, RCA x2 (Pre Out)

the degree of distortion:

0.1% (1000Hz)

the signal to noise ratio: 96dB

Frequency response:

1,20Hz – 20KHz (-1dB)

2,20Hz – 40KHz (-2dB)

output power:

Maximum output power: 10W + 10W

Rated output power:

1,10W (8 ohm)

2,6W (32 ohm)

3,2W (300 ohm)


1, GAIN = HIGH: 10

2, GAIN = LOW: 5

power consumption: 120 VA


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 23 × 25 × 14 cm


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