• Hybrid amp
  • Fully balanced amp – dual mono
  • NOS Sylnavia tubes 6SN7 x 2



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LD H1 is a tube-transistor hybrid, fully balanced amp.

The LD H1 uses a purely discrete circuit that does not ues any integrated circuits.

The pre-stage tube uses the NOS Sylnavia tubes 6SN7.

The transistor part runs a fully discrete, fully symmetrical, pure class A amp circuit, and it has better transient response and lower distortion than the asymmetric circuit, which makes the sound quality sweet.

The LD H1 features a dual mono structure that is designed independently from the power supply to each amplifier to avoid interference.

The filter capacitor of LD H1 uses Philips’ famous BC dedicated audio filter electrolytic capacitor and coupling capacitor. It uses Mundorf MCap EVO dedicated audio coupling capacitors.

Technical Parameters:
Input terminal:
Balance: XLR 3p x2
Unbalanced: RCAx2

Output terminal:
Balance: XLR 4p x1
Unbalanced: 6.35mm x1

Pre-output: Balance: XLR 3p x2
Input impedance: 10 K ohm
Distortion: 0.001% (output: 2V rms 1000Hz)
Signal to noise ratio: 108dB
Frequency response: 10Hz – 50KHz (-0.1dB)
Output Power:
3.5W (32 ohm)
1.8W (120 ohm)
0.8W (300 ohm)
0.4W (600 ohm)
Adapted headphone impedance: 16 ohm ~ 600 ohm
Gain = HIGH: 9
Gain = LOW: 4.5
Power consumption: 25 VA

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 14 cm


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