Best stand-along amp Little Dot can offer!

300B tube headphone amp + power amp.

Extremely low distortion and deviation.


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If budget is not your issue, then you’ve found the right amp for your headphone!

RCA antique five-stage tube 6SH7!

The 6SH7 has excellent sound balance and layering, and the same five-stage tube drive as RCA’s original 300B circuit makes the sound of the whole machine more vivid and delicate.

Lundahl alloy input transformer from Sweden
The world’s leading high-performance audio transformer is used by many European and American famous devices such as JR, Linn, ASR, VTL. Lundahl represents the industry highest standard for input transformers!

Denmark DACT 24-bit step potentiometer

The use of an audio-grade components such as DACT, despite the increase in overall cost, yields extraordinary result. LD Y2’s channel deviation of only +/–0.05 dB and a distortion of less than 0.0001%.

We heard the request from a lot of you, we want to try your flagship Y-2, but the price is way too much. Well, we heard you, so please check out our previous flagship Y1. It has almost the same design as Y-2, but instead of the Lundahl alloy transformer, we use the normal Z-11 transformer; also, instead of the 6SH7 pre-amp tubes, we use the 6SL7 tubes. By all means, we believe the Y-1 is still flagship level amplifier, and we want to share the sound of 300B amplifier with more of our fans.

Preamplifier: RCA 6SH7 tube
Post-stage amplification: JJ 300B tube

Input terminal:
XLR balanced input x2
RCA unbalanced input x2

Headphone output terminal:
XLR (4-core) x1 (balanced headphone output)
6.35 (3-core) x1 (unbalanced headphone output)

Speaker output terminal: 4 left and right channels
Distortion: 0.1% (1000Hz)
Signal to noise ratio: 98dB

Frequency response:
20Hz-20KHz (-0.2dB)
10Hz-50Hz (-2dB)

Output Power:
10W (8 ohm)
6W (120 ohm)
3W (300 ohm)


Note: We also have Y1 available for cheaper price, please contact us for more detail!

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Y1, Y2


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